Kawaii Tasks

Get a magical Kawaii Ai power. Free iOS and Android app with tools to split your tasks.

Break down your tasks

Using kawaii ai magic we'll show you the list of small and manageable subtasks

Let ADHD Ai do all the thinking

Something that you're delaying, or just can't get started

Available for free for iOS and Android

Get it


How it works

We’re using OpenAI's model to break down and prioritise your tasks. It’s one of the largest Ai models that “saw” millions of examples of how other people split their tasks or prioritise daily routines.

Goblin Tools vs Kawaii

With Kawaii, we focused on a simpler and better app experience. Unlike Goblin Tools our mobile app is native, meaning not just a layered website. Plus Kawaii is fully free on App Store and Google Play.

Who can benefit?

Neurodivergent people who struggle with their tasks. We think people with ADHD can greatly benefit from new breakthroughs in technology and simplify their lives.

Who made this?

Goblin tasks was made by a small team working on another amazing app - Numo ADHD. It offers all of the small tools that Goblin has, as well as accountability group of other folks who struggle with daily tasks, huge community and more.


Write to vlad@numo.so with any questions or when you need help with the app
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